Econ 101 (Spring 2013)

Econ 101: Principles of Microeconomics
Section 308, 309, 310, 312, 313

General Course Information
The lecture meets on Tuesday and Thursday 2:30-3:45 PM in Social Science 6210.
Discussion section 308 meets on Friday 9:55-10:45 AM in Van Hise 491.
Discussion section 309 meets on Friday 11:00-11:50 AM in Chadbourne 126.
Discussion section 310 meets on Friday 12:05-12:55 PM in Ingraham 214.
Discussion section 312 meets on Friday 8:50-9:40 AM in Ingraham 223.
Discussion section 313 meets on Friday 1:20-2:10 PM in Ingraham 225.
(You are allowed to attend any discussion section above.)

TA’s Contact Information
Office: Social Science #6445
Office Hours: Friday 2:15-4:15 PM.

Course Syllabus
The official course syllabus is available here.

Discussion Section Handouts
Week 1 (Solutions)
Week 2 (Solutions)
Week 3 (Solutions)
Week 4 with Solutions
Midterm 1 (2/28/2013)
Week 5 (Solutions)
Week 6 (Solutions)
Week 7 (Solutions)
Week 8 (Solutions)
Midterm 2 (4/9/2013)
Week 9 (Solutions)
Week 10 (Solutions)
Week 11 (Solutions)
Week 12 (Solutions)
Week 13 (Solutions)
Final Exam (5/12/2013)

You can find the offical syllabus, course announcements, lecture slides and assignments. (Course Key: S48A-3EDM-SQ7P)
Economics Tutors
You may find some information about economics tutors for an extra help.
Elizabeth Kelly’s Econ 101
Mrs. Kelly is a lecturer who has taught this couse for many years at our school, and she is the author of the study guide for our textbook. You may find lots of past exams for your practice.